Using the Internet Better

Many of these topics may be considered truly beginner stuff – but sometimes, even the more advanced web users can learn even just one small new thing that they didn’t know about if they just dive deeper into a subject.

Searching Google Without “Web Clutter”

Interesting enough, it wasn’t until 2010 onward that multiple browsers started offering “privacy mode” (as Wikipedia describes it), so this concept of browsing without any strings attached is a fairly recent option. When it comes to cookies and sessions, in-private browsing is a must. It will keep the trail of websites visited to a minimum and can for example, mimic a first-time or a new visit. This is especially useful for admin and user testing. Additionally, in private browsing helps search engines not see things so personally customized for just one user:

Google’s search algorithm uses your networks and friends’ recommendations in ranking pages for you. If you want to see a more accurate depiction of what the world at large sees when they search a term, use Incognito mode.” – 7 Great Uses for Your Browser’s Private Browsing Mode

Multiple Accounts

“Remember Me” suddenly becomes a nightmare if you want different tabs open for more than one account. Everything will stay separate with in-private browsing so that there is no need sign out of one account to check the other. That way there is no need to open two different browsers! –What Is Private Browsing, and Can it Protect You Online?

Key Board Shortcuts

Let’s sidestep the basics (for example: who has not ever heard of using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V?) and dive into some of the more handy ones. Maybe you already know that F12 opens the developer tools or that Crtl + F opens a search on the page. However, did you know that there is a keyboard shortcut use Firefox and Chrome to do these things as well?

  • Open new tab: Ctrl + T
  • Go to prev/next tab: Ctrl + (Page Up || Page Down)
  • Go to a specific tab: Ctrl + 1-8
  • Refresh a webpage (no cache): Ctrl + F5

These are just a few. To learn more, see Bertrand Gaillard’s list of Useful keyboard shortcuts for web developer.

Better Google Searches

Google is not just great at finding information about just anything textual. It can even search for pictures via upload via Reverse Image Search.

Additionally, similar to keyboard shortcuts, use these simple add-ons to avoid needing to use a Google Advanced Search page if you wish to quickly customize a search.

Minus sign

searchTerm searchword

(this searches for anything without searchword)

Related searches with related:

searchTerm related:searchword

(this searches for other related websites for your searchword)

Search within website with site:





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